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Wednesday, December 6, 2006


The Polsons said...

Great idea for a complimentary blog to Re-Imagineering. I'd love to participate in this particular discussion, but the one time I rode Star Tours I got extremely motion sick and have never ridden it again, so I can't comment on the ride.

My husband and I were just talking this morning about Tomorrowland in general and Innoventions/House of Tomorrow in particular -- we have several good ideas for poor, langushing Tomorrowland! I hope you will cover one of these topics in the near future before I forget what our ideas were... LOL

Thanks again for starting this blog.

bluesky said...

It sounds like you are talking about Tomorrowland in DL. I have never been to DL. It would be great to have someone post similar articles on this site regarding DL if you or anyone you know would be interested, please let me know. I will be writing about WDW's Tomorowland in the very near future, so feel free to chime in.

The Development of the Motion Picture said...

i love star tours. the only thing i ever wanted to see it from it was maybe they actually go arrive to the moon of endor, and there are ppl on those speedbike things, and an adventure could happen there. i love everything else about the whole attraction at mgm

bluesky said...

That is a good idea. The exterior of the building is designed to look like Endor, so that would be a natural progression. I have also wondered why they didn't incorporate that either. It would be perfect zooming through the trees. thank you for the feedback

guinb said...

How about having screens on all 4 walls of the simulator (perhaps circular on the sides to look like aircraft windows) and in addition to this adding 3-D effects with 3-D glasses to the ride. Imagine having those lasers come out of the screen at you!

bluesky said...

guinb, it is funny you should mention the screens on all sides thing. I was reading rumors about the proposed plans for the actual star tours 2.0 and they were proposing the same thing. I think intergrating 3d glasses is a great idea.

chemical_echo said...

I think a Star Tours 2 should be based on more of young Anakin in Episode 1. I think the ride should stay as a simulator and not have moveable vehicles. But the "vehicle" you are in changes depending where you are.
I see it as three scenes:
1. You are on Tatooine (dessert planet) and about to start the Pod Race. Your pod has trouble starting but you eventually start and catch up to Sebulba. During the race you are shot at by the sand people, hit by other racers, and have an engine fire. In the end you win and the screen closes to move onto the next scene. During this whole scene there are beeps and sounds from R2D2.

2. You are on Naboo in one of the subs from the underwater city. When the screen opens you are floating on the surface of a lake with Jar Jar Binks in front of you. He tells you to follow him and you go down to the bottom of the lake and see the underwater city. Your ship goes around the city seeing the sights before heading to a cave to head through the core to the other side of the planet. On your way through the core it gets cold and dark and your power goes out about half way through. When your power comes back on you're looking right into the face of the sea monster and the chase starts. The sea creature chases you through caves, narrowly missing walls and other animals. Eventually he gets another creature and you surface at the capital city of Naboo. The screen closes to move into the next scene. All through this scene Jar Jar Binks is talking and screaming.

3. The screen opens and you are in the Naboo Fighter. You accidently hit start and your ship starts to take off. Before leaving the planet you fly across the land and see the battle driods getting ready for battle. Your ship takes off into space and through the blockade. You dogfight several enemy ships and eventually fly into the battleship/comman station. Your ships comes to a fast stop at the end of the corridor and shuts off. You hear sounds as you frantically press buttons to start the ship. Right before starting the ship again you fire two blasts into the main enginer of the command ship and fly out of there with an explosion on your tail. You escape the explosion and fly back to Naboo. When you get to Naboo all the battle droids disabled and lying are on the ground. The screen closes and you exit. During this scene R2D2 is back with his beeps and other noises.

bluesky said...

chemical echo, I love your ideas for the ride. Your comments are exactly why I wanted to start this site. Keep em coming.

WOKcreative said...

I love all of these ideas. This is a great idea for a blog. I'm joining late and will get caught up.
I live on the DL end of the country and we are there often. My kids and I would love to add our comments and help out.

I have heard a few people say that they think there are different "trips" each time or depending on which ship you board. Some even swear that they have been to Endor. I guess they lock into the queue part of the experience and it becomes that real to them.
A few different scenarios could be fun, depending on where you load in, or just random.