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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Santa's Workshop

If I am not mistaken, Germany is the birthplace of the legend of St. Nicholas AKA Santa Claus. Germany in the World Showcase needs an attraction, in my opinion. Why not build a ride on an "Omnimover" platform that takes you to and explores Santa’s workshop. A friendly elf could be your guide throughout the ride. Think about how great Disney could make this ride based on how well they theme for Christmas each year. Between a Disney ride and Christmas, the “warm and fuzzy” could spill out all over China, Italy and into the World Showcase Lagoon.

The ride could start somewhere in Germany where we happen upon an elf. The elf starts to tell us tales of Santa, the workshop and the North Pole. He pauses and decides to show us rather than tell us. Something magical happens and we are all transported to the North Pole.

In the distance we can see a gorgeous alpine style villa. We then approach and enter the workshop. The first scene inside the workshop appears to be an impossible fit from what we estimated the exterior dimensions to be (IE: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.) I see the ride as a Christmas theme in a building resembling Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, with lots of whimsy and unnecessary engineering. The factory could be hustling and bustling with busy elves building every toy imaginable.

I have not given the storyline a lot of thought, nor am I sure it needs a thick plot. Maybe some of you could come up with some ideas. I feel that near the end of the ride there should be an encounter with the big man himself, Santa interacting and talking with the guests in all of his AA glory. The end of the ride could take us back to the charming turn of the century Germany city streets.

I am going on vacation to Mexico in the next few weeks. I have an idea for the Mexico pavilion that I have been working on. I am going to wait until I get back from my trip before I post it. Hopefully I will encounter some inspiring scenery and culture to help with the next post. Until then, Please let me know what you think about Santa’s Workshop.


2ndrodeo said...

I love the idea of combining things Disney with Christmas. The appeal of the attractions that are decorated every year, and for longer periods of time each year, shows the interest.
I've thought of a few chocolate themed ideas for attractions and am still working through them. The Hershey and Willy Wonka theme parks got me started on those.
I'll think more on all of this.
As usual, you've hit the nail on the head with the workshop idea.
(I'd still like to see Santa's Village make a comeback up near Arrowhead out here)

Anonymous said...

In Germany,they should open a Kathe Wohlfart store at Chrtistmas.