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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Reader's Ideas

I would like to start this post by thanking the news editor from screamscape. Their article has really opened the flood gates of traffic for my site. I have received some e-mails with some new ideas from readers. Here is the first one I received that is ready to post. It was sent by Brett(guinb)

"Pixar movies have been some of the biggest hits for Disney lately and outside of the Nemo ride at Epcot and the upcoming Monsters Inc. comedy club at MK the movies have not been featured in as many attractions as they should. I was thinking that this could be remedied by the creation of 'The Pixar Animation Studios Experience' which would fit in best at Disney-MGM Studios since a) its a studio attraction and b) its a milder ride that could help add more balance to the park that is known for thrills. The ride starts out with guests entering through what appears to be a normal studio building made out to look like a place where Pixar animators could actually work. The premise is that Pixar is giving tours of its facilities. Guests board cars holding 4-6 passengers and are taken on the tour. The car audio system provides details of a typical day as a Pixar animator as the guests go through mock ups of an animators studio (this portion of the ride is similar to the back lot tour in a lot of ways). Then the car takes a sudden turn and through a blast of lights and 'magic' as the car is transported in to a Pixar film. The car twists and turns through the classic scenes like Andy's room from Toy Story, the factory from Monsters Inc, and RadiatorSprings from Cars. The characters make appearances to greet the guests by way of projections (i think projections would do the computer animated characters more justice than an AA). The cars then return through another blast of light to the 'real world' and are greeted by a CM asking how they enjoyed the studio tour. This ride could be easily updated too, as more Pixar films come out with time. It would be appealing to kids since they get to go into their favorite films while at the same time impressing adults with its unique visual effects. That's my idea, let me know what you think. -Brett"

Brett, I like your ideas here. However, it seems to me that Disney is going in a Pixar direction with a lot of their new rides. Therefore, I do not think that they would condense it all down to just one ride. In saying that however, I wish they would!! I really like how you portrayed your ideas to fix the back lot tour. Thank you for the e-mail, keep em' coming.
Next on the docket... villains, roller coasters and LCD TV's. Stay tuned:)


Anonymous said...

I actually pitched this idea over on another forum as a concept for the proposed Midway Mania ride. I like this premise alot. It actually could serve as a part of a larger animation-themed area. Start it out as a tour/entrance through the studio. Talk a bit about the PIXAR CGI basics. Board a version of Edna's chairs. Of course, after your first stop, something goes haywire, and you actually start entering through individual files in the PIXAR system. You luckily have access to some defense systems ("guns") and you can fend off some nasty parts of the PIXAR Animation world as you get yourself poised to get out of the system and back to the Studio. Final part, of course, having a picture of yourself in "the new" new PIXAR film.

WOKcreative said...

I had an idea a while back for an animation tour type of ride. I like the way this puts you into the action. Maybe part of the defense system is fighting off accountants, negativity, and in-fighting.
The tour could be narrated by Annie Mation, with her grandmother Grannie Mation giving a brief history of animation.

bluesky said...

"Maybe part of the defense system is fighting off accountants, negativity, and in-fighting."

that is one of the funniest things I have read in a while :) Good job!