Please keep in mind that none of my postings take feasibility, logistics or budgets in to consideration. Disney is a place of fantasy, as is this place on the Internet. If anyone has ideas for other rides or attractions around the parks that are not being covered in a particular topic, please feel free to e-mail me. (see my profile) I will take the best ones and post them in your name.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Reader's Ideas 2

In keeping with the original concept of this site, a reader named Cameron sent me some ideas for plussing some of the existing rides and attractions. I especially like the one for changing the stunt show for something more modern. I would even like Disney to change it every year or two to add some excitement to the attraction. Thank you for your entry and I would like to invite fans of this site to feel free to send me anything you would like to add to Amateur Imagineer.

Could the Tomorrowland Speedway/Autotopia at both MK & DL be rehabbed into Piston Cup races with all the secondary characters and possibly with Mack or a Dinoco 18 wheeler out front with a trailer of merchandise just like at a NASCAR race?

Thought The Seas with Nemo and friends might be able to add a statue of Prince Eric, just like the one Ariel had, maybe a sunken pirate ship – perhaps miniatures of either the Black Pearl or Flying Dutchman, and the tank decorations from the dentist’s fish tank in Finding Nemo, like the volcano, tikis, the bubbly treasure chest and old diver’s helmet like Jacques.
Also at EPCOT: Since GM is allowing their sponsorship of Test Track to lapse and even if another car maker does sign on my idea could still work. Some have offered an overlay of Cars, but I'd suggest a different direction ... Muppet Labs!

Some years ago I took my first trip to the MGM/Hollywood Studios and hence sprung my interest in the making of motion pictures and television, so I have a certain affinity for this park. It’s quite evident that the idea of having this be an actual production studio has long passed and with that in mind:
I first thought the Backlot Tour could be converted into a visit to Radiator Springs, because Catastrophe Canyon is close to the same desert color as Carburetor County. I thought the pre-show could be a historical trip down Route 66, “It’s kind of nice to slowdown once in a while.” Originally I thought of it as a drive-thru so the ride vehicles could be kept maintaining the same Theoretical Hourly Ride Capacity. I envisioned audio-animatronic characters driving out and meeting folks at their respective places (just like Herbie did on the old residential street) and having certain vignettes like the Sheriff catching a speeder in the telephone wires, maybe even Chick just like in the movie. Then I heard about the Carsland at DL and thought better of it. Why not drop the ride vehicles all together and make it into a whole new area of the park. Some of the same attractions, like Luigi’s Garage, and Flo’s V8 for a restaurant to get good eats, possibly maybe with tables shaped like vehicles at the drive in with carhops and meet & greet locations for all the characters. Maybe do a forced perspective of more distant places like Fillmore’s, Sarge’s, Sally’s Cone Motel and the Lightyear blimp could fly overhead. The biggest concerns, other than the costs for everything, might be the audio and visual intrusions from the car stunt show. This might be able to be played off by saying ‘someone must be out at Willie Butte’s Dirt Track again’ and possibly draping the rear of the stadium with some large mural or camouflage. Then there is still what to do with Catastrophe Canyon? Remodel it into the Cadillac rocks of Ornament Valley, but what of the attraction, make it into a walk through or maybe turn it into Lightning’s racing HQ or just the town hall at that end of the main drag. But don’t forget about a Curios shop at the end/exit. And Ole Bessie should be there somewhere too.

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular needs a revamping. I’m a big fan, but it’s all Raiders of the Lost Ark. Could it be updated with stunts from the other Indy movies or possibly replaced with another stunt show? Say a Pirates of the Caribbean (fight in the bar on Tortuga, a Dockside chase, then a battle between two ships with swinging pirates and cannon fire, Argh!) or something from Star Wars (the trash compactor scene, a lightsaber duel, the battle on Tatooine with Jabba’s Sail Barge and the sand skiffs).

The Great Movie Ride also is desperate for help. If the Indy stunts show changes it could be made into something similar to the Forbidden Temple at DL. Or how about a tour through the Axiom after a Buy-n-Large pre-show? We could enter the ship just before the robots needing repairs get loose and our heroes are trying to return the plant to the Holo Detecter, with a photo op at the end with WALL-E, Eve and the other bots. It could be remodeled into an Incredibles adventure, or go down to Fraggle Rock to dance your cares away, a tour of Toontown with Roger Rabbit, or install a traditional dark ride like Pinocchio or Alice in Wonderland since the studios don’t have any classic character attractions or rides. The building might be large enough to hold both rides back to back with separate entrances.
I've previously asked on another blog why the WDI Living Character Initiative's WALL-E wasn't available at the studios for photo ops and someone suggested the liability concerns, don't want him rolling over someone's foot. But I don't buy that explanation because they've had photos with Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater before they found a more permanent location on the backlot. You just need to have those character attendants keep folks away from the treads until he comes to a complete stop and then the kids and grown-ups can now walk up to him and have their photos taken.
I'd also like to see the LEGO store at Downtown Disney WDW expanded into a full size LEGO Discovery Center, like the one that opened last year in Chicago. It would be another family alternative activity, which is what they say they are looking for to replace the clubs on Pleasure Island after all, right. Sounds like a fantastic idea for the space that is the closing Virgin Mega store!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cool Links

Here are some great links to some of the attraction industries finest. I have spent a good amount of time looking through these sites and there is some really great innovative attractions coming from independent companies from all over the world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They are in no particular order.;detail/menu/32/M/NJhqzA

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Disney’s Theme Park Channel featuring “Disney’s Next Imagineer”

Taking inspiration from Disney television specials from the past and present has lead me to the idea of a Disney Theme Park channel. In the past we had prime time shows like Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, The Wonderful World of Disney, Walt Disney Presents, etc. These shows sometimes touched on things that were currently going on at the parks or would show us a glimpse of future attractions.

Today, Disney shows theme park specials on the Travel Channel, Food Network and The Discovery Channel. Also, Disney TV at the resorts shows Top Seven and other theme park programming. I have countless downloads of different park specials from the 1950’s to today. Approximately 40 gigs of video to be sure.

Why not take all of these programs with some new ones and create “Disney’s Theme Park Channel.” The Disney Channel’s that are currently in existence are for children and teens only. I do believe that concerning all entertainment, Walt was all about making an experience that was for the whole family to enjoy. That was the point of his cartoons, movies, shows and parks, right?

There seems to be a lot of interest on the internet from adults regarding Disney theme parks. From news to rumors, construction progress, Imagineering, Resorts, Dining, Bars, etc…etc…etc. Disney could also use it as a big infomercial selling their parks, resorts and vacation club. There is surly enough material and interest worldwide to support a channel like this. I implore the readers to come up with some show titles or themes that you would like to see on this channel.

I have a primetime show idea that not only I would love to participate in, but also watch religiously, “Disney’s Next Imagineer.” The show would be a mix of The Apprentice and Idol. It would star Tony Baxter and Joe Rohde as the judges. A group of Imagineer hopefuls would have a chance of landing a permanent job at WDI. I figure that the contestants would be given tasks to complete, like designing a new logo or signage for a store or an attraction, possibly coming up with pitches for attraction refurbs or new attractions, coming up with the next year’s marketing campaign, etc. We the viewers would then be able to call, log on or text our vote of which we like best. The viewers would combine to be one vote and our two stars of the show could be the other two votes. The contestants would be eventually widdled down to one person that will become Disney’s Next Imagineer.

Let me know what you think of this. Would you watch this channel or show? Do you think there is enough interest to support this channel? You input is always appreciated.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Jump Gate

I have an idea for a darkride that could be placed either in Tomorrowland or at Epcot. Imagine if you will an enhanced motion vehicle, like the one’s used in the Dinosaur ride at AK, traveling from wormhole to wormhole taking you on an adventure from one immersive alien world to another.

The ride would begin on earth and passengers would board the ride vehicle. Suddenly the vehicle would start shaking and we would hit our first wormhole made from spectacular looking digital imagery. The ride vehicle would tilt back and we would feel a whoosh as we are then spit out in to our first alien world.

The use of 3D sets would landscape the worlds. As we travel along this strange planet, we would start to see animatronic life forms. This ride will have no place for the large oval eyed grey or green aliens that we see in every sci-fi book, movie or comic. I think that we could use our imagination to come up with some very strange looking characters. The use of that nifty new digital image stuff could play a role in developing “liquid looking" aliens.
Each planet we travel to could have very different looking aliens, based on their environment. Each of the planets could have its own environment; water, desert, mountains, wetlands, etc. Each of the worlds should look beautiful and foreign.
The enhanced motion vehicle would give this ride a nice thrill factor as we travel through the terrain. I cannot decide if the last world should have some scary aliens for an added thrill, or if it should be kept somewhat mild so as not to scare the little ones. Some reader input here would be welcomed.

I know that in the right hands this ride could be a smashing success. I envision the finished product being a mix of E.T from Universal, the movie Contact and Journey to the Center of the Earth from Tokyo Disneyland. Please, as always, share your thoughts and let me know what you would like to see in a ride like this.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Disney's Water World

I am going to begin this article by saying that this idea is not the most imaginative on this site, but I think that it is relevant and I am surprised that Disney has not already thrown its hat in the ring for this type of off property resort.

My family and I went to the Wisconsin Dells over the weekend and stayed at the Wilderness Resort. This place is awesome! It has over 200,000 sq ft of indoor water parks and huge outdoor water parks for the summer. In the middle of February it was filled to 99% capacity. We had an outstanding time and there was never any long lines to stand in for the slides because there were so many of them. The Wilderness Resort has an expansive chain of hotels, Multi room suits, condos and villas that are all connected by indoor walkways to all of the water parks. The parks consist of body slides, tube style rides, family raft rides, lazy rivers, wave pools, children’s water play areas and dry play areas. Some of the slides are 5 stories tall and there is fun to be had by anyone of any age.

There is also an indoor water park being built in Vegas right now called Las Vegas Wet. This particular water park is going to be the biggest indoor water park in the world. It will contain different “lands” within the water park, sound familiar? Included in these lands will be an indoor snow dome with year round downhill skiing and snowboarding, Luxe Lagoon, Painted Desert Oasis, Survivor Island, Vintage Vegas, Glacier Bay and Hidden Riviera. Here is some concept art from Las Vegas Wet. It looks like an absolutely amazing place for a family to spend and vacation.

I think that Disney could capitalize on these type of places located around the country. They could build on what is already a booming business and add all of the Disney magic and flare. Imagine a place like this with Disney character meals, outstanding nighttime entertainment, Themed lands and areas around the resort, state of the art water attractions, and perhaps bring a few of our most beloved dark rides or even new “dry” attractions to the resort.

I know that if a place like this existed somewhere on the east coast and in the northern Midwest, it would be a goldmine. All Disney would have to do is make the price point feasible for a middleclass family to stay for the weekend and they would be booked year round. Please let me know what you think. Would you take your family somewhere like this. Keep in mind that if they built say four to six of these places around the country, it would be within driving distance for most of the population. I know that if Disney put forth the effort to make a place like this, I would definitely spend weekends there throughout the year.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Headin' West

Back in the day, Imagineer Marc Davis produced concept art for an attraction by the name of Western River Expedition. Marc Davis’ concept for this ride was a cartoonish river adventure ride through the old west. The ride had visual gags a plenty and various Indian stereotypes. The degrading images of drunken Indians with big red noses and tomahawks would eventually be this rides undoing.

Frontierland could use a new E-ticket attraction. So, I propose a more true to life educational, but exciting dark ride which takes you on a journey from the east coast all the way to the Rocky Mountains. The ride cars would be an uncovered wagon which could hold six people per car. This attraction would make use of AA’s and elaborate sets.

The first scene would take place in a small eastern town. There will be a character that comes running in to town square, just back from the west coast. He would tell tall tales of gold, never ending farmland and wild game that could feed everyone in town for a lifetime. He continues, expanding on the notion of the Wild West with gun slingers, gambling establishments and moonshine.

The next scene would start the theme song for the attraction and we would begin headin’ west. The first stop would be the great plains of the Midwest. This part of the ride would have to make utilization of a rotating stage, like the original JII. Just think of how the first scene with Dreamfinder worked and you will be able to imagine what I am thinking. This scene would show a very stormy day. Before you know it you would spot a tornado bearing down on our wagon.
The tornado would start destroying all of the props on the scene. You would feel high winds and witness pieces of wood, trees and perhaps cattle whipping past your head. This part of the ride takes a page from Twister at Universal Studios. As you narrowly escape certain catastrophe you push ahead to the next scene.

Off in the distance you see the Rocky Mountains. Before reaching your destination you happen upon an Indian village. Instead of the classic guns and arrows type of warfare or any unflattering stereotypes, the scene could show the Indians and the travelers sharing ideas, trading goods and co-existing with one another.

Finally you arrive in the Wild West. The scene would take you through a typical western town of the era complete with a gun fight, outlaws, cops, and suggestive brothels.

Once again queue the theme song as we head up in to the mountains where we would see people mining for gold. There could be a couple of guys fighting over which part of the land they claimed as their own. Women and children could be sifting through a riverbed and wiping sweat from their brow. The wagon would then take you to the unload area and drop you off in the all important Headin’ West gift shop.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Haunted Tavern

I have an idea for an “off property” attraction that I think would be a smashing success. I was going to try to find investors for this idea to make a go of it, but found that it would cost A LOT of money to have it done right and would take years of profit to pay for it. I met a bar owner a while back and we broke down the logistics of the project. We figured it would be almost impossible to find an investor to take this kind of risk . However, if you are the Disney Corporation with very deep pockets, it may be a feasible endeavor.

Imagine if you will in the heart of Chicago (or any tourist friendly city) sits a Haunted themed bar. The outside would be appropriately decorated to give it an eerie feel. But, the real fun doesn't start until you are inside.

Everyone who reads this blog is surely familiar with The Adventurer’s Club in Pleasure Island. It is one of my most favorite places in the world. I would take that concept of interactive improv actors and insert them into this attraction/bar.

The setting would take place in old Hollywood. The mansion would be riddled with handsome butlers and scantly clad maids (the wait staff). The improv actors would be wealthy actors, producers, directors, sports hero’s and so forth. They would all come to the “Mansion” for a party, the doors would lock and that’s where the fun would begin.

There could be a séance going on in one of the rooms with things coming to life and flying around. Some of the seats at the bar would poke you from time to time. Puffs of air would startle you in certain areas. Pepper’s Ghosts effects would be used thoughout the bar. Things on the wall would come to life and interact with the guests. The bathroom could have its own visual gags with the lights flickering on and off every few minutes and there would be a reflection of a ghost in the mirror. Fake blood could drip down the faux windows of the bar during a climatic scene.

The possibilities are endless. I would love to hear some of your ideas for this type of attraction. Or, let me know if you would be interested in coming to a place like this if you were visiting a tourist destination.

Amendment to article:
It has come to my attention that the place I am trying to describe already exists in a slightly different form. There is a restaurant in NY by the name of Jekyll & Hyde Club. This restaurant possesses many of the same attributes of the one I was trying to describe. I try to go out of my way to reference anything in existence from which I draw inspiration. In no way was I trying to plagiarize an attraction that already exists. I guess I was just a day late and a dollar short with my idea.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

El Chupacabra

There has been talk about re-vamping El Rio del Tiempo at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot around the fan site circles. I think it would be fun to hunt for El Chupacabra. What is a Chupacabra you ask? It is a seemingly mythical creature that is said to exist in Latin countries. The translation is "goat sucker", which does not sound very Disney, but hear me out. In the late 1980's and early 90's there were many claims by the people of Latin countries that something or someone was killing off their livestock and sucking out the blood like a vampire. People claimed they saw a creature lurking in the jungle and caves that was causing all of the damage. Here are some artists renderings and "pics" of what they are said to look like.

The ride cue would have a Mexican man or woman telling us the history and the story of El Chupacabra to set the scene.

The boat system could be left in place and the scenes would be replaced with a jungle scene, cave scene, Mayan and Aztec ruins, etc. Then integrate AA characters of El Chupacabra. The boats would be fitted for a tour guide, like Jungle Cruise.

We would start out catching slight glimpses of El Chupacabra. Peeking around rocks, Just missing him running behind something and so forth. This version of El Chupacabra will be small and possibly slightly cute, about two feet tall or so. The tour guide would always be a second late in finding him, so the kids will get a kick out of his ineptitude. The ride will hit the 3/4 mark and finally the tour guide will spot the creature. He or She will then laugh and say, " Oh don't worry folks, that's just a baby Chupacabra. Nothing to worry about. We just have to make sure not to get between it and its mother.

The boat travels around a dark corner and BAM!! There is the full grown Chupacabra, maybe hanging over the boat in a cave or something. This version of the creature would be very menacing so as to scare everyone.

Ok, maybe not quite that menacing, but you catch my drift.

The tour guide would direct everyone to cover their heads and the boat would accelerate away from danger leading to the exit.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Santa's Workshop

If I am not mistaken, Germany is the birthplace of the legend of St. Nicholas AKA Santa Claus. Germany in the World Showcase needs an attraction, in my opinion. Why not build a ride on an "Omnimover" platform that takes you to and explores Santa’s workshop. A friendly elf could be your guide throughout the ride. Think about how great Disney could make this ride based on how well they theme for Christmas each year. Between a Disney ride and Christmas, the “warm and fuzzy” could spill out all over China, Italy and into the World Showcase Lagoon.

The ride could start somewhere in Germany where we happen upon an elf. The elf starts to tell us tales of Santa, the workshop and the North Pole. He pauses and decides to show us rather than tell us. Something magical happens and we are all transported to the North Pole.

In the distance we can see a gorgeous alpine style villa. We then approach and enter the workshop. The first scene inside the workshop appears to be an impossible fit from what we estimated the exterior dimensions to be (IE: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.) I see the ride as a Christmas theme in a building resembling Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, with lots of whimsy and unnecessary engineering. The factory could be hustling and bustling with busy elves building every toy imaginable.

I have not given the storyline a lot of thought, nor am I sure it needs a thick plot. Maybe some of you could come up with some ideas. I feel that near the end of the ride there should be an encounter with the big man himself, Santa interacting and talking with the guests in all of his AA glory. The end of the ride could take us back to the charming turn of the century Germany city streets.

I am going on vacation to Mexico in the next few weeks. I have an idea for the Mexico pavilion that I have been working on. I am going to wait until I get back from my trip before I post it. Hopefully I will encounter some inspiring scenery and culture to help with the next post. Until then, Please let me know what you think about Santa’s Workshop.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Update the Classics

I know that the mention of updating some of the Disney classics will probably make most of you cringe. But, I think that with the right people to make these kinds of decisions and some input from the Disney fans, it could be doable.

Let’s look at WDW’s first crack at an update to a favorite. The infamous Tiki Room “Under New Management.” I throw up in my mouth a little every time if think of this abomination. I understand that the Tiki Room was showing some age and may have been somewhat lack luster. However, this attraction has turned into the poster child of what is wrong with WDW. I am all for change, so lets change it one more time. I don’t necessarily have any ideas that would fix all of the problems and bring it back to its glory, but even going back to the original attraction would be a huge step in the right direction, in my opinion.

Here are a few things that I have been thinking of that would enhance some of our favorites without disturbing the delicate balance of what makes these rides great. Before I write a word of this, you need to understand that none of these things may even be possible from a logistical standpoint. But, who cares? This is all for fun.

First stop The Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney has just recently updated this ride to add Jack Sparrow. I have not been back recently to see the update and it seems to be receiving mixed reviews. The good news is that the Disneyanna community has not been outside the ride with picket signs, so I would assume that it is fine. If Disney did something to PoC that was comparable to “Under New Management,” the internet would be overloaded and probably shut down because of ticked off fans. Anyway, I just wish that they would add on to the ride. At least make it similar to the DL version, but while they were at it they might as well add something new. How about and extended skeleton scene at the beginning with some CGI floating pirate ghosts, like in the movie. Or change up the end of the ride. Add another scene or two to further develop the story with the newer PoC movies.

Next, let’s look at the Jungle Cruise. I love the ride and the concept. However, this ride has been the same forever and needs updating. Even though people love this ride, I think that Disney would have freer reign to make some changes. First, update all of the AA’s. Use all of the newest technologies to make the animals seem more lifelike. They could also possibly change the story line a bit to give it a fresh feel. Lastly, I think they should add a cave exploration part. Make an expansive cave and include cave dwelling animals.

Finally, The Haunted Mansion. Disney would have to be careful here. Again, just like PoC. Rather than make changes, make additions. Lengthen the ride to include more scenes. Or add a walk through to the beginning, end or both. Bring back “The Museum of the Weird” and tack it on after you exit the ride. see details here

There are an endless amount of things that could be done to enhance an existing classic that would not upset the masses. Disney just needs to get creative. I know that some of the pencil pushers would want you to believe that spending time and money on a ride that already draws in huge crowds would be pointless. They would want you to believe that they should make another cheap and ugly ride because it will be “new.” Someone needs to tell Disney that “new” quickly fades, but quality lasts a long time. Let’s just see what happens this summer after the very minor upgrades that were made to PoC has a chance to show off in all it's glory. I think that the buzz for this ride is already huge and after the next release of the new movie it is going to be a madhouse.
Please take the time to share your thoughts or any ideas you may have about these attractions. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! See ya in 07.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Villains’ Lair

In the Disneyana circles there has been a lot of rumor, speculation and innuendo regarding the infamous “Villain ride.” From “it’s a done deal” to “it will never happen.” The idea has been discussed on many forums and news sites already, but I would like to throw in my two cents.

I have recently watched a video of the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” ride in Tokyo Disney (see for video). It takes a roller coaster and integrates dark ride elements by slowing down the ride in certain parts. I feel that this would be a perfect marriage for The Villains Lair.

I see the ride playing out like Fantasmic, and in saying that I’m not sure that it would be appropriate in the near future. I think they would have to replace the Fantasmic show before they started a project like this. Mickey Mouse has always been strangely absent in the theme park attractions. I foresee a Mickey Mouse pre show of some kind where he gets himself in a pickle and angers the villains of Disney. The only option for him is to run away and try to find somewhere safe to hide for awhile.

I see this roller coaster weaving in and out of a large dark mountain. The exterior would have an eerie feel and the use of torches for lighting would be a nice touch. The beginning of the ride would start out very fast as Mickey is running from the villains. As it makes its way to the first scene, the ride would slow down (as if Mickey is looking for somewhere to hide). He then would be spotted by one of the villains and the ride would speed up again. If anyone so desires, please feel free to discuss the detail of the scenes.

There are a few elements I have been thinking of that could really separate this roller coaster from those around the Disney parks or any other park for that matter. The first thing I was thinking would be to have one of the sets take place in a room with a river beneath the ride to give it that familiar PoC feel. The water element would add a nice aesthetic feel to scene. I don’t see why a roller coaster couldn’t travel through water for part of the ride. Actually, it probably already exists somewhere, I just haven’t seen it. The next element is hard to convey, so bear with me. I’m sure most of you have seen Illuminations. The show has a large sphere in the middle of the lake, of which amounts to convex LED screens. Why not surround the track in a portion of the ride with concave LED or LCD TV screens. It would look like the beginning of Space Mountain where you take off and there are the yellow and red lights that surround the track. Now imagine using LCD technology. The possibilities of what could be shown on the screen are endless. From any type of visualization to a CGI character that follows the car. Imagine if it was used for a long stretch of the ride, they would have the ability to intermingle all kinds of effects.

I rode the Expedition Everest ride this year and enjoyed the "going backward" portion of that ride a great deal. The effect would be suited perfect for this ride. Mickey would be backpedaling from a villain to get away. Also, I thought of a rotating scene so that when you begin to go backward, you will see different scenery.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Reader's Ideas

I would like to start this post by thanking the news editor from screamscape. Their article has really opened the flood gates of traffic for my site. I have received some e-mails with some new ideas from readers. Here is the first one I received that is ready to post. It was sent by Brett(guinb)

"Pixar movies have been some of the biggest hits for Disney lately and outside of the Nemo ride at Epcot and the upcoming Monsters Inc. comedy club at MK the movies have not been featured in as many attractions as they should. I was thinking that this could be remedied by the creation of 'The Pixar Animation Studios Experience' which would fit in best at Disney-MGM Studios since a) its a studio attraction and b) its a milder ride that could help add more balance to the park that is known for thrills. The ride starts out with guests entering through what appears to be a normal studio building made out to look like a place where Pixar animators could actually work. The premise is that Pixar is giving tours of its facilities. Guests board cars holding 4-6 passengers and are taken on the tour. The car audio system provides details of a typical day as a Pixar animator as the guests go through mock ups of an animators studio (this portion of the ride is similar to the back lot tour in a lot of ways). Then the car takes a sudden turn and through a blast of lights and 'magic' as the car is transported in to a Pixar film. The car twists and turns through the classic scenes like Andy's room from Toy Story, the factory from Monsters Inc, and RadiatorSprings from Cars. The characters make appearances to greet the guests by way of projections (i think projections would do the computer animated characters more justice than an AA). The cars then return through another blast of light to the 'real world' and are greeted by a CM asking how they enjoyed the studio tour. This ride could be easily updated too, as more Pixar films come out with time. It would be appealing to kids since they get to go into their favorite films while at the same time impressing adults with its unique visual effects. That's my idea, let me know what you think. -Brett"

Brett, I like your ideas here. However, it seems to me that Disney is going in a Pixar direction with a lot of their new rides. Therefore, I do not think that they would condense it all down to just one ride. In saying that however, I wish they would!! I really like how you portrayed your ideas to fix the back lot tour. Thank you for the e-mail, keep em' coming.
Next on the docket... villains, roller coasters and LCD TV's. Stay tuned:)