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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Disney’s Theme Park Channel featuring “Disney’s Next Imagineer”

Taking inspiration from Disney television specials from the past and present has lead me to the idea of a Disney Theme Park channel. In the past we had prime time shows like Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, The Wonderful World of Disney, Walt Disney Presents, etc. These shows sometimes touched on things that were currently going on at the parks or would show us a glimpse of future attractions.

Today, Disney shows theme park specials on the Travel Channel, Food Network and The Discovery Channel. Also, Disney TV at the resorts shows Top Seven and other theme park programming. I have countless downloads of different park specials from the 1950’s to today. Approximately 40 gigs of video to be sure.

Why not take all of these programs with some new ones and create “Disney’s Theme Park Channel.” The Disney Channel’s that are currently in existence are for children and teens only. I do believe that concerning all entertainment, Walt was all about making an experience that was for the whole family to enjoy. That was the point of his cartoons, movies, shows and parks, right?

There seems to be a lot of interest on the internet from adults regarding Disney theme parks. From news to rumors, construction progress, Imagineering, Resorts, Dining, Bars, etc…etc…etc. Disney could also use it as a big infomercial selling their parks, resorts and vacation club. There is surly enough material and interest worldwide to support a channel like this. I implore the readers to come up with some show titles or themes that you would like to see on this channel.

I have a primetime show idea that not only I would love to participate in, but also watch religiously, “Disney’s Next Imagineer.” The show would be a mix of The Apprentice and Idol. It would star Tony Baxter and Joe Rohde as the judges. A group of Imagineer hopefuls would have a chance of landing a permanent job at WDI. I figure that the contestants would be given tasks to complete, like designing a new logo or signage for a store or an attraction, possibly coming up with pitches for attraction refurbs or new attractions, coming up with the next year’s marketing campaign, etc. We the viewers would then be able to call, log on or text our vote of which we like best. The viewers would combine to be one vote and our two stars of the show could be the other two votes. The contestants would be eventually widdled down to one person that will become Disney’s Next Imagineer.

Let me know what you think of this. Would you watch this channel or show? Do you think there is enough interest to support this channel? You input is always appreciated.


Anonymous said...

What about a reality show of people who live in a house of the future. The house could be displayed at Epcot and the show would be a mix of Big Brother and the old Walt Disney specials where he showed tomorrows technology today.

Another show. What about a reality show based around the international students who come to work at the parks. That would be fun.

what about a show based around the chef's at WDW? come on if Food Network can do it, why not disney? I am really surprised this hasn't already happened. All the crazy meals they prepare on a regular basis, the cakes they design, the vast number of different things they do. It would be a cool show!

bluesky said...

Very good ideas Ken. Thank you. There have been specials on the Food Network about the Disney food. But, there has never been any programs showcasing the chefs. I love the idea about a house of the future that people live in at EPCOT. That is along the lines of what Walt had envisioned from the beginning. It would be interesting showing how different people live and respond to all of the things in the house. What if there were different people every week and the catch and the fun of the show would be how people react to all of the crazy new things that they have never seen before. Why not pick people on vacation at the park to stay a night at this house of the future. It could be like what they are doing with the castle at MK right now. The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. Thank you for your input.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea. But if a whole channel won't fly what about an hour show once a week on Disney Channel or ABC about the parks.

Take one little of each park and expand upon it for an hour. Like Space Ship Earth. How it was built, what it is made of, who came up with the idea. Interesting facts. Maybe a short ride through (giving away a little but not to much). One episode could be Rock'n Roller Coaster. An hour on the band they choose, how they made the roller coaster, construction photos. You can feature Hotels, restaurants shops anything.

You can call it something like WDI on the Inside.

You get one of those Disney Channel stars to host like Raven, or Miley Cyrus (SP?).

bluesky said...

Angelo, Thank you for your input. "WDI on the Inside" would definately be watched by my family every week and I'm sure many many more across the country.

Anonymous said...

I dont like the idea of the public choosing the next imagineer.
The public could have a completely different view on someone that the judges do.
I'd much rather have a professional imagineer choose the next one, rather than some person sitting in front of their TV and voting on who's the hottest person (and you know thats how people will more than likely vote)

bluesky said...

Echo, I know that is how some people vote, but the Imagineers will have the final say. The public would combine to have 1 vote and the Imagineers will have the other two. Either way, I was just floating a show concept out there. I think that the idea as a whole would work. The voting thing could be worked out later. As always, thank you for your input.

Unknown said...

As a huge fan of American idol, top chef, project runway, and RuPauls Drag Race, I would love to see a show like this. Being a young 21 year old graphic designer who is studying and pursuing a degree in architecture, to one day hopefuly have a career in the field as an imagineer, would absoloutely fall in love with this show. I find myself glued to the television watching project runway viewing the struggles as well as the accomplishments the contestants go through, to find myself realizing that's exactly what I am going through on the studio in my design classes. Basically presenting my final design at the end is the same as them being critiqued on the show. I feel that is why ppl fall in love with these shows.

It would be great to for Disney cause they could have it set up that the contestants have to agree that while on the show Disney can and may use ideas from the show for future projects, even if the contestant with the idea doesn't win. Obviously Disney would give them some sort of credit either by letting them help with the project as a contract labor position or even incorporating that person into the ride/shop/whatever it may be like they did with Leota Thomas (who was one of the Imagineers who helped design The Haunted Mansion) by adding her face to the tombstone outside the entrance of the ride and her head into the floating crystal ball. Small details like that go a long way and stands out so much more than the typical theme park ride that is cloned and placed in other parks. Which really makes me upset to hear they cut the budget for WDI and was told by that woman from merill lynch to copy and paste the star attractions from Florida and California to the new parks in Paris, Tokyo and future parks to open. Why would I travel to Tokyo or Paris to go to Disney if I can go to the one in the u.s. And do the same thing. We get slot of foreigners to travel to our parks because they can't experince Disney elsewhere. New ideas and concepts are the only things that will keep Disney alive. And out of all honesty, there is some days where I wake up and feel miserable, but every single time I walk through or discuss or look back at photos, without a doubt I smile. And if my children (when I decide to have them lol) can't experience the magic like me, I will be very disapointed that whoever is behind the descission making of Disney failed because he or she decided to limit the creativity or decide to outsource or budget all the amazing ideas and concepts that happen at WDI. It's the passion and detail that shows in Disney that makes it the best and if that's lost... Disney could easily wind up like alot of other entertainment industries who are filing bankruptcy.

Umm sorry folks on a roadtrip across country lol and just spent my 4th day at Disney world and I think I just rambled on alot. Ha.

But yes would love a show like the one suggested. Would be brilliant whether it be on Disney channel or fox to reach a larger middle class audience.