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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Update the Classics

I know that the mention of updating some of the Disney classics will probably make most of you cringe. But, I think that with the right people to make these kinds of decisions and some input from the Disney fans, it could be doable.

Let’s look at WDW’s first crack at an update to a favorite. The infamous Tiki Room “Under New Management.” I throw up in my mouth a little every time if think of this abomination. I understand that the Tiki Room was showing some age and may have been somewhat lack luster. However, this attraction has turned into the poster child of what is wrong with WDW. I am all for change, so lets change it one more time. I don’t necessarily have any ideas that would fix all of the problems and bring it back to its glory, but even going back to the original attraction would be a huge step in the right direction, in my opinion.

Here are a few things that I have been thinking of that would enhance some of our favorites without disturbing the delicate balance of what makes these rides great. Before I write a word of this, you need to understand that none of these things may even be possible from a logistical standpoint. But, who cares? This is all for fun.

First stop The Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney has just recently updated this ride to add Jack Sparrow. I have not been back recently to see the update and it seems to be receiving mixed reviews. The good news is that the Disneyanna community has not been outside the ride with picket signs, so I would assume that it is fine. If Disney did something to PoC that was comparable to “Under New Management,” the internet would be overloaded and probably shut down because of ticked off fans. Anyway, I just wish that they would add on to the ride. At least make it similar to the DL version, but while they were at it they might as well add something new. How about and extended skeleton scene at the beginning with some CGI floating pirate ghosts, like in the movie. Or change up the end of the ride. Add another scene or two to further develop the story with the newer PoC movies.

Next, let’s look at the Jungle Cruise. I love the ride and the concept. However, this ride has been the same forever and needs updating. Even though people love this ride, I think that Disney would have freer reign to make some changes. First, update all of the AA’s. Use all of the newest technologies to make the animals seem more lifelike. They could also possibly change the story line a bit to give it a fresh feel. Lastly, I think they should add a cave exploration part. Make an expansive cave and include cave dwelling animals.

Finally, The Haunted Mansion. Disney would have to be careful here. Again, just like PoC. Rather than make changes, make additions. Lengthen the ride to include more scenes. Or add a walk through to the beginning, end or both. Bring back “The Museum of the Weird” and tack it on after you exit the ride. see details here

There are an endless amount of things that could be done to enhance an existing classic that would not upset the masses. Disney just needs to get creative. I know that some of the pencil pushers would want you to believe that spending time and money on a ride that already draws in huge crowds would be pointless. They would want you to believe that they should make another cheap and ugly ride because it will be “new.” Someone needs to tell Disney that “new” quickly fades, but quality lasts a long time. Let’s just see what happens this summer after the very minor upgrades that were made to PoC has a chance to show off in all it's glory. I think that the buzz for this ride is already huge and after the next release of the new movie it is going to be a madhouse.
Please take the time to share your thoughts or any ideas you may have about these attractions. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! See ya in 07.


guinb said...

@I agree with this post in that Disney should invest some thought and money into several of its older attractions. Jungle Cruise is the main one that stands out to me and something like new AA and effects (maybe something as simple as new sound effects coming from the jungles around the river or wind effects) would be a great place to start.

Space Mountain and The Great Movie Ride are the other attractions that stand out in my mind as needing a bit of a facelift. Space Mountain could use some new effects at the launch and at the conclusion and maybe some effect that could create an illusion of shooting stars flying past you. The Great Movie Ride should have newer movie scenes put in and a few more surprises like the Gangster and Indiana Jones scenes offer. Thats the main ideas that I can think of but I am sure there are others.

WOKcreative said...

(All of these comments refer to DLR)
Changes have been made over the years, even to some of these classics. All of Fantasyland was re-done in 1983 to, supposedly, make it the way Walt had always intended. The rides were upgraded to better quality... So, anything is possible.
Space Mountain recently went through a LONG re-hab and was made darker, wind was added (to feel faster), tracks painted black (to disappear)... and the music has changed a few times. It JUST changed again, for a short time, to a "Rockin'" soundtrack. We'll see how that goes, and if it continues past its month-long run.
Haunted Mansion has had some changes along the way. Recently, the story-line was enhanced, to bring out the backstory a little more. New effects support this. (Major temporary changes occur every holiday season for Halloween through Christmas, along with Small World Holiday.)
PotC has made changes a few times, including the PC "update" a few years back. Not many were very happy with that. The recent additions, in my opinion, enhance it. There is just enough more of a story to it, not changed much, allowing already for the next movies. The waterfall-fog projection of Davey Jones was great to see. New technology can always help, and I love the way they keep coming up with new things to project on.
Waiting to see how the update of the submarines is going to be with Nemo. It will probably be fun, and from what I have heard, has some GREAT new projection techniques.

Tomorrowland is a whole subject in itself, as far as what to update, and how. As with anything, some people want to always see it as they remembered it and some want change. It has to be handled carefully.