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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Reader's Ideas 2

In keeping with the original concept of this site, a reader named Cameron sent me some ideas for plussing some of the existing rides and attractions. I especially like the one for changing the stunt show for something more modern. I would even like Disney to change it every year or two to add some excitement to the attraction. Thank you for your entry and I would like to invite fans of this site to feel free to send me anything you would like to add to Amateur Imagineer.

Could the Tomorrowland Speedway/Autotopia at both MK & DL be rehabbed into Piston Cup races with all the secondary characters and possibly with Mack or a Dinoco 18 wheeler out front with a trailer of merchandise just like at a NASCAR race?

Thought The Seas with Nemo and friends might be able to add a statue of Prince Eric, just like the one Ariel had, maybe a sunken pirate ship – perhaps miniatures of either the Black Pearl or Flying Dutchman, and the tank decorations from the dentist’s fish tank in Finding Nemo, like the volcano, tikis, the bubbly treasure chest and old diver’s helmet like Jacques.
Also at EPCOT: Since GM is allowing their sponsorship of Test Track to lapse and even if another car maker does sign on my idea could still work. Some have offered an overlay of Cars, but I'd suggest a different direction ... Muppet Labs!

Some years ago I took my first trip to the MGM/Hollywood Studios and hence sprung my interest in the making of motion pictures and television, so I have a certain affinity for this park. It’s quite evident that the idea of having this be an actual production studio has long passed and with that in mind:
I first thought the Backlot Tour could be converted into a visit to Radiator Springs, because Catastrophe Canyon is close to the same desert color as Carburetor County. I thought the pre-show could be a historical trip down Route 66, “It’s kind of nice to slowdown once in a while.” Originally I thought of it as a drive-thru so the ride vehicles could be kept maintaining the same Theoretical Hourly Ride Capacity. I envisioned audio-animatronic characters driving out and meeting folks at their respective places (just like Herbie did on the old residential street) and having certain vignettes like the Sheriff catching a speeder in the telephone wires, maybe even Chick just like in the movie. Then I heard about the Carsland at DL and thought better of it. Why not drop the ride vehicles all together and make it into a whole new area of the park. Some of the same attractions, like Luigi’s Garage, and Flo’s V8 for a restaurant to get good eats, possibly maybe with tables shaped like vehicles at the drive in with carhops and meet & greet locations for all the characters. Maybe do a forced perspective of more distant places like Fillmore’s, Sarge’s, Sally’s Cone Motel and the Lightyear blimp could fly overhead. The biggest concerns, other than the costs for everything, might be the audio and visual intrusions from the car stunt show. This might be able to be played off by saying ‘someone must be out at Willie Butte’s Dirt Track again’ and possibly draping the rear of the stadium with some large mural or camouflage. Then there is still what to do with Catastrophe Canyon? Remodel it into the Cadillac rocks of Ornament Valley, but what of the attraction, make it into a walk through or maybe turn it into Lightning’s racing HQ or just the town hall at that end of the main drag. But don’t forget about a Curios shop at the end/exit. And Ole Bessie should be there somewhere too.

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular needs a revamping. I’m a big fan, but it’s all Raiders of the Lost Ark. Could it be updated with stunts from the other Indy movies or possibly replaced with another stunt show? Say a Pirates of the Caribbean (fight in the bar on Tortuga, a Dockside chase, then a battle between two ships with swinging pirates and cannon fire, Argh!) or something from Star Wars (the trash compactor scene, a lightsaber duel, the battle on Tatooine with Jabba’s Sail Barge and the sand skiffs).

The Great Movie Ride also is desperate for help. If the Indy stunts show changes it could be made into something similar to the Forbidden Temple at DL. Or how about a tour through the Axiom after a Buy-n-Large pre-show? We could enter the ship just before the robots needing repairs get loose and our heroes are trying to return the plant to the Holo Detecter, with a photo op at the end with WALL-E, Eve and the other bots. It could be remodeled into an Incredibles adventure, or go down to Fraggle Rock to dance your cares away, a tour of Toontown with Roger Rabbit, or install a traditional dark ride like Pinocchio or Alice in Wonderland since the studios don’t have any classic character attractions or rides. The building might be large enough to hold both rides back to back with separate entrances.
I've previously asked on another blog why the WDI Living Character Initiative's WALL-E wasn't available at the studios for photo ops and someone suggested the liability concerns, don't want him rolling over someone's foot. But I don't buy that explanation because they've had photos with Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater before they found a more permanent location on the backlot. You just need to have those character attendants keep folks away from the treads until he comes to a complete stop and then the kids and grown-ups can now walk up to him and have their photos taken.
I'd also like to see the LEGO store at Downtown Disney WDW expanded into a full size LEGO Discovery Center, like the one that opened last year in Chicago. It would be another family alternative activity, which is what they say they are looking for to replace the clubs on Pleasure Island after all, right. Sounds like a fantastic idea for the space that is the closing Virgin Mega store!


Imagineering Disney said...

Lots of ideas... I'd love to hear some of your ideas not based on existing creative efforts (i.e. existing movies). Great site by the way.

rockanator said...

yeah i think there should be a nightmare before Christmas and a kingdom hearts ride