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Friday, March 2, 2007

Disney's Water World

I am going to begin this article by saying that this idea is not the most imaginative on this site, but I think that it is relevant and I am surprised that Disney has not already thrown its hat in the ring for this type of off property resort.

My family and I went to the Wisconsin Dells over the weekend and stayed at the Wilderness Resort. This place is awesome! It has over 200,000 sq ft of indoor water parks and huge outdoor water parks for the summer. In the middle of February it was filled to 99% capacity. We had an outstanding time and there was never any long lines to stand in for the slides because there were so many of them. The Wilderness Resort has an expansive chain of hotels, Multi room suits, condos and villas that are all connected by indoor walkways to all of the water parks. The parks consist of body slides, tube style rides, family raft rides, lazy rivers, wave pools, children’s water play areas and dry play areas. Some of the slides are 5 stories tall and there is fun to be had by anyone of any age.

There is also an indoor water park being built in Vegas right now called Las Vegas Wet. This particular water park is going to be the biggest indoor water park in the world. It will contain different “lands” within the water park, sound familiar? Included in these lands will be an indoor snow dome with year round downhill skiing and snowboarding, Luxe Lagoon, Painted Desert Oasis, Survivor Island, Vintage Vegas, Glacier Bay and Hidden Riviera. Here is some concept art from Las Vegas Wet. It looks like an absolutely amazing place for a family to spend and vacation.

I think that Disney could capitalize on these type of places located around the country. They could build on what is already a booming business and add all of the Disney magic and flare. Imagine a place like this with Disney character meals, outstanding nighttime entertainment, Themed lands and areas around the resort, state of the art water attractions, and perhaps bring a few of our most beloved dark rides or even new “dry” attractions to the resort.

I know that if a place like this existed somewhere on the east coast and in the northern Midwest, it would be a goldmine. All Disney would have to do is make the price point feasible for a middleclass family to stay for the weekend and they would be booked year round. Please let me know what you think. Would you take your family somewhere like this. Keep in mind that if they built say four to six of these places around the country, it would be within driving distance for most of the population. I know that if Disney put forth the effort to make a place like this, I would definitely spend weekends there throughout the year.


Anonymous said...

Not only are we constructing over 350,000 square feet of indoor waterpark, but an additional 24 acres outdoors. In addition, keep an eye on our website as changes will be taking place soon. The waterpark is but a part of an over 200 acre complex, and we will be announcing more changes to the project here soon.

Of course some of the ideas sound familiar to a Disneyphile, considering that you have a collection of Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative veterans behind it. Plus, expect to see a shift in position in thinking as the old theme park model doesn't work as well anymore...


bluesky said...

Thank you for reading Steven. It sounds like you are involved in the Las Vegas Wet project. Keep up the good work! I love the concept art for this place. I did know that the project is being done by Disney Imagineers and Universal people. I can't wait to come visit when it is done.

Anonymous said...

Surely this would be detrimental to Disney's grand plan, it would mean guests at this particular resort would not need to visit the waterparks (Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon). I agree a third water park would be a bonus but theres no need for it to be indoors, Florida has weather that is nice enough year round and Disney clearly use the coldest months for rehab. This style of attraction would mean that the first two parks would have lower attendance and the guests would not need to use the towel hire etc or meal services - losing disney money in shopping and food sales - not only in the new park but also in the other two parks due to lower attendance.

Just a thought and would be interested in reading your reply,

Thanks, Matt

bluesky said...

Matt, I understand what you are getting at. However, If the resorts I am describing is owned by Disney, then they wouldn't be losing any money. Most Americans take one vacation per year. For those that love Disney, I would think that they would continue to make the trip to California or Florida. This type of resort would be for people who make weekend trips, without the cost of flight. I think that it would be a money making juggernaut if Disney did something like this. Thank you for reading.

WOKcreative said...

It could easily be a reality, along with the plans for more Downtown District areas going on across the country. These could even go together, having a themed water park and Downtown shopping area/hotel... in the same place, at the selected areas. The theming could be different in each city, or mass produced (copied in each) so that no one feels left out. There could even be big similarities, with small differences in each, to make them unique - much like the Haunted Mansions are different in each park. The indoor part makes it year-round, when even the water parks in California are not open except from Memorial Day until Labor day (and only the weekends, until schools are out).
I know this site is not about considering costs, but I do wonder... and it seems that the costs would be less than a "dry" theme park. The size of each park would be a factor, and could depend on the city and needs of the area.
There's great stuff going on over there at Thinkwell. It seems to have the ideal atmosphere that used to be at Imagineering, and keeps to the way the creative types want it to be. The budgets are still in place, but creativity can be free, without constraints put on by accountanteers.

WOKcreative said...

(WOKcreative and 2ndRodeo are the same. I may have put my foot in my mouth with one or the other at different times in the past, on other blogs. WOKcreative seems to use a little more restraint in being critical and speaking out...)

bluesky said...

Great ideas 2ndrodeo. Keep up the good work and thank you for reading!

Rafael said...

i have to say blizzard beach and typhoon have a big competition with that new aquatica seaworld water park,here are some ideas for the two disney water parks-

Typhoon Lagoon-Mat racing,(like tobbogon racers),and a Speed toiletbowl slide

Blizzard beach-a funnel slide (like brainwash from wet n` wild orlando)and also a toilet bowl ride but instead of a a speed body slide,a multi passenger

i hope my ideas come true sometime

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this will never happen! I live in Vegas, they never started any construction on this and it looks like they never will! I was so excited at first, but it was just a bunch of hot air.